Wake County residents flock to pay 2018 property taxes before Friday

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Friday, December 29, 2017
Wake County residents rush to pay property taxes early
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Wake County residents rush to pay property taxes early, but it may not help as much as they hope.

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- By the end of the Thursday business day, Wake County collected more than $4 million in property taxes for 2018 and almost 1,000 people came to the office to pay ahead.

Taxpayers are racing to the Revenue Department and hoping to reel in some savings by paying off their property taxes before the New Year.

Peggy McKoy showed up with her paperwork and a check.

"I don't get that many tax breaks as it is, so every little break I can get, I come," she said.

Offices across the country have been inundated. Folks are trying to take advantage of dwindling deductions.

According to guidelines that the IRS released, North Carolinians may be out of luck.

One Raleigh CPA told ABC11 it is confusing and she's overwhelmed with clients wondering what to do about the new tax code.

It takes effect Monday and caps the deductions people can write off in state and local taxes.

People in Wake County are paying estimated property taxes, not the final number.

Wake County Revenue Director Marcus Kinrade said the actual property taxes won't come out for months and he's not accustomed to seeing lines this time of year.

"It was shocking," Kinrade said.

Wake County expects Friday to be another busy day and preparations are being made.

"We'll have more people at the counter," Kinrade said. "It'll be busy, but we'd rather be busy than bored."

If you want to pay early in Wake County, you will have to pay in person either inside the Wake County Justice Center or at satellite collection stations. Only cash or checks are accepted.

Durham County is not accepting early payments.