Authorities search for puppy killer in Cumberland County

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- Cumberland County animal control officers are hunting for a person who they say intentionally drowned a puppy.

They call it a terrible case of animal cruelty.

"Some very evil person tied this dog's feet together," said Animal Control Director Dr. John Lauby. "They also tied its feet to its nose. So that when they threw it into the water and the dog tried to swim, it pulled his head under water and he drowned."

The dog, an 8-month-old lab mix was named Riley. His owner says her dog disappeared after jumping over a back fence.

On Jan. 2, Riley's body washed ashore on McFadyen Pond in west Fayetteville. The pond is about a fourth-of-mile from where Riley disappeared.

Lauby said he and the district attorney will "throw the book" at whoever did this.

"We will get an active jail sentence on the person, this person, when we find out who it is," said Lauby. "We need help. Someone needs to come forward. We want to find who did this, and we want to punish them."

So far, there are no leads in the case. Investigators ask anyone with information to call animal control.

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