Baby gets first speeding ticket from NYPD

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Baby gets first speeding ticket from NYPD
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Lucy Yang has the latest details.

NEW YORK -- Nothing like your first red convertible, with the cool breeze blowing through your baby locks.

Alas, 9-month-old Benjamin might have been a little heavy footed, because the sweet toddler who can barely walk got his first ticket Sunday.

His mom posted the moment on Twitter.

"We just thought it would be a funny picture for his first birthday, and it turned into something so much bigger than we thought it could ever be," said Jessica Boiardi, mother.

Boiardi from Middle Village told ABC7 she was out buying Halloween candy on Sunday when she saw some officers from the 104th Precinct in the parking lot.

She asked for the staged photo and Officer Gomez happily obliged.

"They're nice guys. They have families. He was so friendly and nice to Ben and me and my husband, wonderful exchange," Boiardi said.

Of course not every real ticket ends with such happy smiles and gratitude, but the NYPD's human side was definitely showcased here.

Mom says Benjamin loves his new wheels much more his stroller.

And even though he can't even say the words "police officer" just yet, perhaps this picture will remind him, say, 16 years from now, to always drive safely.