Garner police thankful for 'peaced together' donations

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Thursday, November 9, 2017
Garner police thankful for 'peaced together' donations
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Garner police are stocking their police cruisers with homemade quilts, hoping to comfort domestic violence victims or a traumatized child.

GARNER (WTVD) -- ABC11 was there as Garner police sergeant Scott Selvek picked up a bunch of handmade quilts from a pile, carried them outside, and gave them out to officers in his unit to place in the back of their cruisers.

The next time they'll be used will be to help a domestic violence victim or a traumatized child.

"We used to have teddy bears or stuffed animals, we have stickers as well, but blankets is something that definitely will help out with their level of stress," said Selvek.

The items were made by parishioners at St. Mary's Church.

The quilts are meant to make a victim feel secure during a stressful time.

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"This is the first time we've had something like a quilt," said captain Joe Binns. "It really provides this comfort."

One of the quilt makers said they read about the effort in other communities and decided to bring the idea to the All-American City.

"It's just so important to have people in our community that are just that passionate about helping people," said Binns. "This just a nice, comfortable blanket. Something to just provide a little comfort for the victims."

Parishioners started making the quilts in October.

They have delivered 22 so far and are making more now.