Raleigh business raising money to help man with amputated leg

As Louis Thomas Davis, known as "LT", tries to wheel his way on Ashe Avenue towards Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, the smallest obstacle can prove an immense challenge.

"Coming up is hard," said Davis. He said it's especially difficult on his arms.

It's a new feeling for the 81-year-old, who spent the majority of his life walking.

But about four months ago, a medical issue changed his life forever.

"My big toe got infected, and I didn't go to the doctor in time," Davis explained.

By the time he sought medical attention, the condition was so severe that his right leg had to be amputated.

Since then, he's been confined to a wheelchair, which is a radical readjustment he's still getting used to. It also put a temporary halt to what had been a daily routine.

"They would wave at me and I would wave back at them," Davis said.

"They" are Sheena Mackenzie and Michelle Ghassemi, the co-owners of Meraki Salon in Raleigh.

"When I didn't see him for a while I was totally concerned," said McKenzie.

A couple weeks ago, LT reappeared, wheeling across the windows.

"Well I was super excited to see him first off all, but I was super upset just to see he was having such a hard time getting here," McKenzie said.

So Ghassemi and Mackenzie started a GoFundMe, aimed at raising $2,000 so LT could get an electric wheelchair.

"We just thought this would be a perfect opportunity to really show this is what our brand is about, this is who we are as people. This is a person we see every day on the sidewalk who comes in. So it was important for us to jump on this opportunity," Ghassemi said.

Mackenzie has a personal connection to LT's situation.

"My father went through an amputation, and I totally know what he's been going through and how hard it is to get around," said Mackenzie.

For now, LT continues to wheel his way around, not letting his situation stop him passing by his favorite store every day.

To donate to the GoFundMe, click here.
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