Heat wave! Just how hot is it?

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016
A laser thermometer picks up a reading of 151.3 degrees, Tuesday, July 26, 2016.

There's no way to deny it... it is hot outside but just how hot is it?

Armed with a laser thermometer, the ABC11.com team headed outside around 1 Tuesday afternoon when temperatures were in the mid 90s in downtown Durham. Here's what we found.

Bike seat

The external temperature of a black bike seat which had been sitting in the sun since the morning was the highest temperature recorded coming in at a whopping 151.3 degrees.

Car outside

One of our news vehicles parked outside in the sun showed a temperature of 147.7 degrees. Inside showed a similar temperature.

Car inside

The interior of a black car sitting in the sun for several hours registered a temperature of 146.4 degrees.

Car shade

A car parked in the shade showed a temperature of 117.3 degrees.


Don't go barefoot! The temperature of asphalt registered 136.7 degrees (that's so hot vets are also warning to remember these temperatures hurt your pet's paws).


Work outside and a port-a-potty is the nearest bathroom? We feel your pain, this one registered 124.1 degrees on the outside. Inside....

Port-a-potty inside

If you were looking for some shade inside a port-a-potty you're not in much like, it was only a fraction of a degree cooler inside.

Picnic table

Today may not be the best of days for a picnic despite our sunny skies. This picnic table showed a surface temperature of 138.2 degrees.

Satellite dish

We've been taught that white reflects heat, well our satellite dishes came in at a balmy 106.7 degrees.


It only took a few minutes outside to get over 100 degrees.


And finally, if you're looking to get outside and stay in the shade you won't find much relief.

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