Raleigh residents unhappy after scheduled leaf pickup runs behind schedule

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Donna Manla was raking leaves on Wednesday afternoon when she made note of how many leaves lined the street.

"Sometimes the leaves start to blow around because of all the cars coming by," Manla said. She lives in the North Ridge Country Club community and said she doesn't mind raking leaves days after the City of Raleigh was scheduled to have them picked up. "I love to exercise and I love to get outdoors, so it's not a problem for me."

Manla lives in Raleigh's "Zone 5" neighborhood, where the city was supposed to have leaves picked up no later than Dec. 9; however, that same weekend, the area saw significant snowfall and the effects remained for several days.

A representative for the city confirmed the snow and it's lingering accumulation put crews behind schedule. But, the city further said staffers would be picking up leaves in zones four and five Wednesday afternoon and evening.

The work is scheduled to continue on Thursday and Friday, weather permitting. According to local forecast projections, Raleigh will see significant enough rainfall on those days, pushing pickup to the weekend. Crews will continue leaf collection on Dec. 27.

"Every year it's a job (I) don't like to do," said Raleigh resident Roy Taylor. "I don't like it. They'll pick it up sooner or later."

To track the leaf pickup schedule, click here: https://www.raleighnc.gov/home/content/PublicWorks/Articles/AnnualLeafCollection.html
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