Think you can design a better logo for Raleigh? Here's your chance

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Thursday, November 16, 2017
Think you can design a better logo for Raleigh?
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The city recently unveiled a pricey new logo, and an unofficial contest thinks someone can do better.

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- One week after Raleigh's city council approved a new logo that spent nearly a year in development and cost taxpayers $226,000, a business owner is launching a contest for the public to design a new one.

Zack Medford of Isaac Hunter's Hospitality is behind the Great Raleigh Citizen Logo Contest.

Anyone can participate and submit a design for free online. The winner will receive a prize package and have their design presented to city council at its Feb. 6 meeting.

Raleigh's new official logo.

"If we come up with some just mind-blowing logo that speaks to everyone about what makes Raleigh great, then the city council should absolutely use it," said Medford. "But this is not what this is about. Instead, this is about engaging our community and making them feel like they are part of Raleigh."

Longtime Raleigh councilwoman Mary-Ann Baldwin, who did not seek re-election, said through focus groups, workshops, and surveys, the people of Raleigh had a chance to provide input on the new $226,000 logo, designed by Raleigh firm The Assembly.

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"You could take it one of two ways," she said. "I'm kind of taking it like, this is fun and it actually could augment what we're doing and call more attention to our new visual identity."

She said the logo, a first for Raleigh which up until now had used the city seal for branding purposes, is here to stay.

"What we have to worry about as a city is executing this with authority and making sure that all of our departments conform and making sure that they're all represented," she said.

As for Medford's thoughts on the logo, "I'm OK with it," he said. "Do I think we can do better? I'm no artist, I can't do better. But I know there's somebody in Raleigh that probably can."

The contest closes Dec. 20.

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