Major phase of Raleigh transit station finished

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Thursday, December 22, 2016
Major phase of GoRaleigh Transit Station renovation finished
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GoRaleigh and GoTriangle buses are now rolling in and out of one side of the hub.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Just in time for the holidays, the City of Raleigh has finished a major phase of its GoRaleigh Transit Station renovation in the heart of downtown.


GoRaleigh and GoTriangle buses are now rolling in and out of one side of the hub formerly known as the Moore Square Transit Mall.

"I like it," said Tasha Crews of Raleigh. "It's different. It's exciting! It looks like New York down here."

This is the first upgrade the hub has seen since it was built in 1988.

"The station had operated well but it was just tired," said David Eatman, Raleigh Transit Administrator.

Eatman said the $9.5 million project that began in February, is 30-60 days behind schedule and slated to be complete in April 2017.

This week's opening of Phase 1 boasts an expanded terminal to fit more buses through peak hours, new bathrooms, and an information booth to replace the old. There's also updated, well-lit walkway from Wilmington Street and a courtyard.

"It feels nice," said Paul Avens, one of 7,000 people boarding GoRaleigh buses at the downtown terminal every day.

"From home to downtown to work to my friend's house, anything, it's great to get around like this," said Avens.

City of Raleigh officials tell Eyewitness News once the GoRaleigh Transit Station construction wraps up next spring, parking will not return to Martin St., currently being used as a bus lane. The Moore Square revitalization will be next on deck and will take up those spaces.

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