'Cow' in Durham family's yard a beacon of hope in an uncertain time

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- People have been talking about the "cow" that sits off Red Mill Road in Durham.

If you've taken the side road off I-85 North, perhaps you've seen it.

Khloe Massengill is in the fifth grade. She explains how the cow came to be.

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"We were in the woods one time. My dad saw a barrel and we were like 'Dad! Will you please make us something out of this?' He's like' well, okay... and then he's like 'I'm going have to use my imagination on this' and then he just came up with the cow," Khloe said with pride as she stood next to her two younger brothers by the display.

"There was about a whole day it didn't have a head," Brian Massengill, a dad to the trio previously mentioned, said. "We couldn't figure out what the head should be, so If you look closely at it, it's a sand bucket."

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Right now, the cow formed from an old barrel, a sand bucket, and other findings around the house stands next to tall red letters that spell out "hope".

"We wanted to bring a little hope to everybody at home for all the craziness that's happening in the world," Brian said of the cow's current creative state.

Though the cow dons a mask and gloves now, it has been many things. "We make it for holidays, events, even quarantine," said Levi, the second oldest child.

The family is clearly filled with joy and laughter.

Brian says that people drop off gifts for the cow, or "Mr. Cow" as he is known in some circles.

"He has his own fan mail. He gets his own cards. People just thanking from all over."

"If people come by and smile, I feel like I did what I could."
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