4 escaped wolf pups from Durham's Museum of Life and Science found

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017
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Four red wolf pups at Durham's Museum of Life and Science that escaped from their pen Monday afternoon have been reunited with their parents.

DURHAM (WTVD) -- Four endangered Red Wolf pups are back where they should be after escaping their den Monday night, at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.

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Three or four pups strayed away from the pack - potentially chewing or tugging through a gate opening in their exhibit according to the museum's communications manager, Leslie Pepple.

"We were able to determine they were most likely somewhere in this wooded campus behind me," Pepple said, pointing toward a large section of the museum's outdoor exhibits that were closed off.

Red wolves are critically endangered, with less than 300 in the world, so the search was on right away, and in an effort to find the pups, the museum closed its train ride.

"They're probably scared," a visiting child said.

"We came over to see the wolves this time, but it will be the next time," the mother of another said.

Signs blocked off the search area.

Folks at the park asked questions about the wolves' whereabouts. Blocked in by the park's perimeter fence, the pups likely hid in the woods near their exhibit, according to museum officials.

That's where three of the four were found Monday night, looking for their parents.

Credit: Courtney Cawley

"They are not 100 percent weened, so they would be looking for that food source and the reassurance that comes from their parents," Pepple said.

One remained, and suddenly, staff zipped by around noon, Tuesday - the last pup was found being fed by papa wolf through the new hole in the gate (which has now been re-enforced).

"We're delighted to have all of our pups back and to have the next generation here at the museum," Pepple said.