NC Wildlife officers continue enforce social distancing guidelines as boating activity increase

CREEDMOOR, N.C. (WTVD) -- Curtis Grasty spent his Saturday fishing for sea bass with friends on Falls Lake at Ledge Rock. The fisherman was unsure of what he was walking into so he suited up in a makeshift scarf and hat combination.

"This helps protect me from the sun really, but it helps with social distancing," said Grasty.

Long lines led into the Ledge Rock boat ramp on Saturday afternoon. Social distancing signs were posted on the bulletin board serving as a reminder to those going for a ride on the water. Another fisherman, Randy Lloyd, said the ramp makes giving others space challenging, but he saw everyone keeping a distance.

"Not a lot of big groups together. Mostly single boats with several people in them. I guess their family. I don't know," said Lloyd.

N.C. Wildlife officers said the access point has been open throughout the pandemic. As state parks reopen, officials have seen an uptick in boating activity. Officials were enforcing social distancing on Saturday and even issued a few warnings to those in violation.

It's not hard for Grasty to believe as he's seen it with his own eyes.

"There's some shoreline locations where they're lined up like it's a beach in California. That's not practicing social distancing," said Grasty.
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