REX pink mobile unit provides mammograms in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The pink RV in a state employee parking lot was a vivid reminder that mammograms can save lives.

There's a large photo of Kay Yow, the head coach of NC State's women's basketball who died from stage 4 breast cancer, on each side of the Rex Mobile Mammography Unit that reminds observers that she was an advocate of mammograms.

State workers like Charlene Derrington appreciate the opportunity to get their annual exams a short walk from their Raleigh offices.

"I had mine done in November of last year," Derrington said. "And it's time to have a new one!"

Some women hesitate, postpone or avoid mammograms.

"We're so busy raising kids, having a family, trying to pursue a career, self care kind of takes a back seat," said Joanne Sullivan of the State Office of Human Resources. But last year, she learned that cancer affected her family.

"My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and called us about 12 hours before she was due to have her double mastectomy'" Sullivan said. "After that, I called my OB-GYN and talked through options of what we could do next."

Sullivan said her first mammogram detected a tiny growth that tests confirmed was non-cancerous.

She had it surgically removed and became an advocate for the exams.

North Carolina's First Lady Kristin Cooper appreciated the mobile service provided by Rex Hospital.

"This is wonderful that they've made it available, and it's convenient for the people who work in the buildings nearby. They can just walk over if they have a break in the day," said Cooper.

Sullivan urged everyone to take an active role in personal health care:

"Make sure that you're scheduling your annual physicals with your regular doctor. If you're female, make sure you're scheduling with your general OB-GYN."

"Just get your screening, and don't be afraid," said Cooper. "It's not that bad!"
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