Robeson deputies help injured detective recover from accident, Florence

ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Robeson County Sheriff's Office is rallying behind one of their deputies who was hit while directing traffic around a construction zone.

Detective Matt Lassiter continues to make a remarkable recovery. On Friday, the Major Crimes Detective was struck by a pickup. By Monday, he had been taken off a ventilator.

"He's excited, ready to get back to work. I was picking on him that I need him. But we don't want to rush that, we want a full recovery but yeah, he seems excited," said Sheriff Burnis Wilkins.

Lassiter is recovering in more ways than one. Up until a few weeks ago, his home was surrounded by Hurricane Florence floodwaters.

"His house wasn't necessarily flooded out, but the entranceway to his home, you had to park at the roadway to get back here. Even his patrol vehicle, he was parking at the road and using a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to his house," Wilkins said.

Crews were able to drain the water but there was still a muddy mess. Chaplain Jimmy Hunt began making some calls and rallying the troops who cleared the storm debris, clogged culvert and installed a dirt path.

"We've built it up which the help of JR Locklear, which owns the dirt, Joshua Jacobs who hauled the dirt and Gerome Chavis who leveled the dirt," Hunt said.

Lassiter is expected to make a full recovery, but once he's released from the hospital, Sheriff Wilkins wants his medical recovery to be his only focus.

"It's going to take a load off of him. He had been wanting to volunteer to do work some overtime assignments to get the money to do this actual work,' Wilkins said.

But there's still much more work to be done. The Sheriff's Office is encouraging the community to chip in to help. If you'd like to donate you can drop off checks or cash to the Sheriff's Office.
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