High school seniors robbed of a prom, senior activities due to the coronavirus

ROLESVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A lot of events in our lives we can postpone, put off. Maybe delay until next fall, next year. But a lot of moments you can never get back. The seniors at Rolesville High School are feeling like they are being robbed of an opportunity.

"I just see my dress hanging up and I'm really sad and I know my friends are too," said Tabatha Mooney.

Tabatha's green prom dress hangs on her wall as a reminder of what the varsity volleyball player is missing out on.

And like her, rather than participating in the typical senior activities, more classmates are reminiscing on what should have been.

Samantha Romanchick says she 'lived at school.' The senior participated in a handful of clubs and was on the Stunt Team.

"It's not like I'm in a routine anymore which is weird. Not seeing my friends anymore is also weird," Samantha said.
"It's been really hard to watch my daughter be so involved and going out and being left home," said Samantha's mother, Sheri Romanchick. "And then stunt started and they had one meet and that was it so it's really heartbreaking."

The sudden change has been equally tough on parents. Alexis Dura, captain of the Rolesville Rams soccer team, says the team lost more than half of the season and might prevent her from earning a soccer scholarship.

"A lot of people had opportunities so it sucks that they can't get them. I just spend nights up thinking why did this happen to our class. At Rolesville, our class of 2020 was very close and now there's a chance that we don't get to say 'bye,' maybe."
No Senior Night, but also no piles of school work.

"Actually, I think there's a lot less stress with the work," says Tabitha. "You get to do you work online at your own time at your own pace."

Right now, a graduation ceremony remains a possibility, but in the meantime, all these ladies can do is hope.
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