Thousands flock to Rooms To Go Super Center in Harnett County

DUNN. N.C. (WTVD) -- Cars lined Rooms To Go as far as the eye could see, and people wrapped around Dunn's newest outlet center looked like ants in comparison to the massive building they were about to enter.

On Saturday morning, the furniture manufacturer opened the doors to its biggest facility in the Southeast-the 1.4 million square foot Rooms To Go Super Center, a combined showroom and delivery facility.

For many residents and area leaders, the opening represents a new day in Harnett County. They see opportunity in the 400 jobs RTG has brought to the area, and the endless possibilities of out-of-town shopping and spending.

"The last biggest plant jobs you had around here was like Champion, and that's been gone for years," said Harnett County resident, Celestine Williams. "And then you had the Erwin Mills, and they've been gone for years."

"You know we can't find many jobs around here, being it's a small town," Williams added. "This is good for Dunn. I'm glad they're here."

In addition to retail positions, the facility employs truckers and other manufacturing-skilled workers.

"It's a great day to be in Harnett County," declared State Representative David Lewis, before helping to cut the red ribbon at the center's entryway. "I think what you see here behind you is a beacon. It's a beacon that's going to cause hundreds of people to work at good jobs and good paying jobs everyday."

"Millions of dollars will be floating through here every few weeks," added Jim Burgin, a Harnett County commissioner.

"[Thank you] For making a small town mayor's dream come true," said Dunn Mayor, Oscar Harris. "I appreciate Rooms To Go, and I'd encourage you all to go spend money."

That's exactly what 9-year-old Bayle Cheatham said her mother and sister planned to do.

"I would like a nice little princess bed and maybe a little chair that I could sit on, you know," Cheatham said matter-of-factly. "It has great deals and it's awesome. It's amazing."

Lidia Victoria said she had her eyes on a living room and dining set.

"I've been waiting for this around about 8 months because I need something from there that I need to keep in my house," Victoria laughed.

Eddie and Bonita Langston were happy to see news cameras. RTG has put Dunn on the map that leads to increased traffic and economic growth, they said.

"Bringing jobs, and bringing you. Bringing you here. The media. Get some publicity for Dunn," said Eddie Langston.

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