'A senseless murder': Family of Roxboro man beaten, killed speaks with ABC11

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Saturday, September 10, 2022
Family of Roxboro man beaten, killed speaks with ABC11
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Girlfriend of man beaten and killed in Roxboro Wednesday vows to find out who's responsible for killing her boyfriend

ROXBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- With angst-filled tears in front of her Roxboro house on Saturday, Connie Holloway vowed on Saturday to find out who's responsible for killing her boyfriend, Lawrence Johnson, 52, who was found beaten to death on Wednesday.

"This is destroying me," Holloway said. "I haven't been able to sleep ... to eat, it doesn't make any sense. There was a senseless murder, and to me, it was planned, all behind a lie."

Roxboro Police went to the area of Holly Street Wednesday night in response to a man found lying on the sidewalk. Police identified Johnson, who they said sustained wounds "consistent with an assault that ultimately led to his death."

Police arrested two of three suspects on Friday, but the family believes there are more involved.

Holloway said Johnson was outside the house on Wednesday with another person before a man approached them and asked Johnson to help him with something. Johnson left, leaving behind the eyewitness, who told the family he never came back.

"That person took him ... and it's making me feel like due to the fact that the person pulled off and left him, it was a set up job," Holloway said, adding that not only was Johnson found dead, but without his clothes.

"They didn't only humiliate him ... they tried to embarrass him," Holloway continued.

The family also denied that Johnson was killed after a card game.

"He doesn't play cards," Holloway said.

Roxboro Police said the investigation is still ongoing, but the family hopes more people will be arrested, including the man they suspect took Johnson away.

"He took that man there and knows he took that man there," Holloway said.

Holloway, who's been dating Johnson for more than a decade, said he leaves behind his parents and other family members. She said Johnson does not have biological kids but was a father figure to her kids and grandkids.

"He's going to be deeply missed," Holloway said. "From people here, to Durham ... to California, and beyond, he's well known. He will be truly missed."