Heels look hopeless, get hammered by Michigan

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WTVD) -- There were some fleeting moments in the first half Wednesday night when it looked like UNC was going to take Michigan by the neck and shake them around for 40 minutes. They were fleeting moments indeed.

The Wolverines are very talented and expertly coached by John Beilein and quickly sorted through whatever issues they were having and wound up squashing the Heels underfoot in a thoroughly convincing blowout. The Wolverines looked a finished product whereas the Tar Heels rolled out their annual pre-conference/early conference stinker. They looked lost on offense, completely lost on defense and cottony soft to boot.

Roy Williams is also a master of his craft, if in a somewhat different manner than Beilein. Roy's teams always seem to be works in progress. It's a cyclical thing with them; looking alternately great or completely out to lunch depending on which November/December night you're talking about.

The problems are familiar: A scattershot defense that shows no real intention to stop the drive, and when they're not stopping the drive, dabbling in not contesting outside shots. The struggle to find a consistent offensive identity. On that front, the absence of any real post presence is especially bedeviling for this group right now, something that carried over from last year.

Still - years of experience tell us that Roy will eventually get things figured out to the degree that his team will win at least a game (or more often games) in the NCAA tournament.

Even at Carolina, nothing in March is a guarantee. Save of course for Roy's teams never losing in the first round. (Still the most amazing NCAA tournament stat out there for my money).

In the meantime, enjoy the circle of Tar Heels basketball life, including Roy lamenting his coaching.

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