Meghan Markle's royal slippers: Birdies creates custom shoes for the bride's big day

SAN FRANCISCO -- With the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just over a week away, one San Francisco-based company has sent the bride custom slippers for her big day.

From San Francisco to Kensington Palace, Birdies are making quite the royal splash.

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"We really believe that we're creating a new category in footwear," said Birdies co-founder Bianca Gates.

Gates and Marisa Sharkey are friends-turned-co-founders who started the company to solve a personal problem.

"Our business idea really happened over a text message," said Sharkey.

"Why can't I find something fashionable and comfortable for the entertaining space of my house," continued Gates.

Soon after launching, the duo gifted a pair of Birdies to actress Meghan Markle, who shared pictures of them on her Instagram account.

"Then there was speculation that she was dating Prince Harry and I was like, wow, wouldn't it be great if like one day she becomes a princess," said Gates.

"Then on Cyber Monday last year, in November, they announced their engagement and you could only imagine what the combination of announcing their engagement and cyber Monday did for our business. It was like unbelievable," Gates continued.

The co-founders then decided to create one-of-a-kind bridal slippers for one of their favorite fans.

"We used kind of a very pretty duchess ivory satin, a pom which is ornamental but not super crazy or very blingy or anything like that, and then, just to give it a little bit of a twist and make it feel more royal and more bridal, we added the pearls around the edge," explained Sharkey.

Markle's slippers have already been shipped. Only one other replica pair exists, though Birdies is selling a similar style in three other colors.

"We're envisioning her in this beautiful ballroom as she's getting all dolled up in a robe, that she has something comfortable and warm to wear on her feet that are fun and fabulous, that gets her excited about walking down the aisle and marrying her prince," said Gates.

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