In new thriller 'Run,' veteran actress Sarah Paulson goes toe-to-toe with breakout newcomer Kiera Allen

'We were very lucky to have her:" Sarah Paulson sings the praises of her "Run" co-star Kiera Allen, who makes her feature film debut in the Hulu thriller.
The movie "Run" raced to a Hulu record as the streaming site's most watched movie in its opening weekend. Young actress Kiera Allen stars opposite Sarah Paulson in director Aneesh Chaganty's new thriller. Paulson plays an overprotective mom to an asthmatic, wheelchair bound daughter. Allen, who uses a wheelchair herself, makes her movie debut in "Run."

"She's very adept, nimble and talented and we were very lucky to have her," said Paulson. "To have Aneesh make the commitment to having authentic casting, and representation, and the right way to tell this story. For me, I felt like I was getting to watch the moment that a star was born."

Given Paulson's long track record on film, television and the stage, Allen was both excited and intimidated to work with her.

"I was definitely intimidated coming into the audition, having seen her work, being a big fan, she put me right at ease, and was so kind and supportive right from the start," said Allen. "By the time we were working together, she did everything to make it a wonderful comfortable experience."

"Run" was originally scheduled for a theatrical release. But, given the way 2020 wreaked havoc on the movie industry, plans changed and it moved to Hulu.

"I do feel for the filmmaker who was shooting it with that in mind, but as long as people are seeing it, I'll take it any way I can get it!" said Paulson.

You can stream "Run" now on Hulu.
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