Private jet carrying comedian Russell Peters makes emergency landing at RDU

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A private jet carrying a comedian had to make an emergency landing at Raleigh-Durham International Airport early Thursday morning.

Ambulances and fire trucks lined the runway at RDU as the private jet prepared to make an emergency landing.

"The pilot's like, 'Hey I have some bad news,'" said comedian Russell Peters. "And we're like, maybe he ran out of liquor, maybe he ran out of ice, maybe the bathroom's not working. We don't know."

Peters had just wrapped up his show at DPAC.

He and his crew were heading back to Los Angeles. Thirty minutes into the flight he said the pilot made an announcement.

"'We got a flat tire on the way out.' I go, 'That sucks.' And he goes, 'We have to turn back.'"

Credit: Russell Peters

The pilot burned off some fuel, doing a low fly by and then they made their bumpy landing.

Fortunately, Peters said no one was hurt. Now it's just a story that will likely make it into his next comedy routine.

"We're going home on another plane and not a body bag. So I guess that's nice. I mean, I guess that's nice," Peters said.

Peters and his crew were able to take a commercial flight out of RDU on Thursday morning.
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