Hope Mills restaurant holds fundraiser for Fayetteville detective battling stage 5 kidney disease

HOPE MILLS, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Cumberland County community rallied around a Fayetteville police officer one burger flip at a time on Monday.

Rustic Burger, a local Hope Mills restaurant, donated 10 percent of its proceeds from open to close to Detective Patrick Gaines.

Fayetteville detective battling stage 5 kidney disease desperate for donor
The longtime FPD officer has been battling stage five kidney disease for nearly a year.

As the search for a kidney donor became more urgent, Rustic Burger owners Jon and Trista Schmier decided to chip in an entire day for Gaines.

"It has been non-stop. We had many tickets lined up here, and we actually had a stack of tickets on the top," Trista said, as she helped complete a list of orders.

In addition, the couple also included the money made from a silent auction on Monday, selling autographed memorabilia.

'They put their life on the line:' Fayetteville restaurant holding fundraiser for detective in need of kidney

With FPD and the city of Fayetteville helping to spread the word, hundreds of people showed up throughout the day to make sure Gaines felt the love.

Mayor Mitch Colvin, Police Chief Gina Hawkins, and other city officials also made a stop at the shop.
"It shows that he has a lot of love around him, a lot of people that are pulling for him. And so, this just spoke to that," Colvin said.

Gaines said it's been difficult to balance serving and protecting the community and having to look out for himself.

"It can be a little overwhelming, I guess. Having to do the dialysis four times a week. So, I have to do that at least three hours at a time," Gaines said..

The veteran and cancer survivor said he's thankful for the hundreds of strangers that stopped by to grab a bite to eat, and adds that they're one step closer to possibly finding a match.

"We do have a possible, potential donor. They are going through the process. So, hopefully, I can get a live kidney from somebody," Gaines said.

All of the money raised will go to Gaines's medical expenses, along with helping support the person that ends up becoming his donor.
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