Sampson County deputies help save life of 2-month-old choking on baby formula

SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Two Sampson County deputies are being hailed as heroes after they worked as a team to help save the life of a baby boy.

Deputies George Fernandez and Jonathan Dutton were just about to punch the clock when they got the call.

"It was just crazy, by far the scariest call I've been to in my life, on the force, in my career," said Deputy Fernandez.

But it wasn't a shooting, stabbing or an accident. A 2-month-old baby reportedly had gone into cardiac arrest.

"We were here at the office, both looked at each other and said 'We gotta go to this'" said Fernandez.

With blue lights and sirens, the two rushed to Forest Hills Court. There were no numbers on the home so EMS passed it.

"I see the father come out and wave me down and I put my patrol car in park, ran out and ran into the residence. As soon as I ran in, there was a baby laying in the bed in the living room turning blue," said Fernandez.

But the boys in blue knew exactly what to do. Fernandez performed CPR while Dutton flagged down the EMS truck.

What seemed like forever turned into finally. EMS arrived and the baby started breathing.

"As I was walking outside the residence to get on the EMS truck and he just vomited everywhere and he started crying and it was like a big relief for me," said Fernandez.

No one was more relieved than the baby's parents.

"The father was hysterical - he on scene with us, just excited at seeing his baby alive," said Fernandez.

Deputies later found that the child was choking on baby formula.

Their heroism was honored by Sheriff Jimmy Thorton.

"We definitely try to help the public in any type of situation but when it involves a child it's emotional, heart touching," said Deputy Dutton.
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