Kids found safe after dad's car stolen during DoorDash delivery in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO -- Two children have been found safe in San Francisco after an Amber Alert was issued when their dad's car was stolen on Saturday night, police say.

After almost four hours, the San Francisco Police Department announced at 1:10 a.m. Sunday morning that the 1-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl were found and were being checked out before reuniting with their parents.

Jeffrey Fang was delivering food for DoorDash in Pacific Heights around 8:45 p.m. when his minivan was stolen.

Fang told sister station ABC7 News that he parked with his hazard lights on and hopped out to bring the food over. When he came back, a stranger was in his car and drove off.

"I yelled at him and told him to get out and two of my kids are in the car," Fang said. "One is a 4-year-old girl and another is a 1-year-old boy...They speak Mandarin only. I just want my kids back."

Fang reported the incident to the police and officials searched for Winnifred, 4, and Sean, 1, who were both in Fang's 2014 silver Honda Odyssey.

"Times are hard, if you're going to have to resort to stealing, that's a different matter, but please, don't hurt my kids. Let them return safely back to me and my wife, please," Fang said.

He said every moment after his kids were taken was excruciating.

An Amber Alert was issued and SFPD said members from both their motorcycle units helped assist in the search.

Police said Sunday there is still not information about the suspect who remains on the loose.

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