Wake County students continue to push for school security after Matthews school shooting

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Students at Sanderson High School were appalled by what they saw in Matthews on Monday.

"I saw the news on my Twitter feed around second or third period," said senior Greear Webb. "We were really just sad."

Webb helped organize a town hall devoted to school safety at Sanderson in response to the events in Parkland in May. He said even after another bloody day, they need to keep talking.

"I thought of it as unacceptable that it would happen so close to home. No matter what kind of violence it was, it took place in a school in a place of learning," Webb said. "No matter how this took place, and we understand that not all shootings, not all acts of violence can be prevented by any means, we know any reduction in this is a positive."

Webb also started a non-profit called Young Americans Protest or YAP as well.

"We had the North Carolina Town Hall in May and we thought action would come of that, but we really need to follow up with these legislators and with these community leaders in saying they'd take a role in stopping this kind of violence," Webb said. "We really want to tackle different issues whether that's talking about gun violence, school safety and issues relating to ethnicity."

Webb is also speaking at a "Get Out the Vote" event being held by the "Muslim Women For" organization. He said it's crucial to talk to young people about the importance of voting.

The State Board of Education said, "Today's horrific event compels North Carolina leaders to take every step to ensure the safety of our students."
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