Saving Grace still in need of supplies regardless of COVID-19

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- Miranda Wodarski and Connor Belson are the proud new foster parents of two puppies.

"We're both at home now because of quarantine and we have a lot more free time," Wodarski said. "We thought it would be the perfect thing to do to help out and to have some puppies to keep us company and to keep company for them."

"It's something that we've been wanting to do for a long time," Belson added. "His is just the right opportunity. We're trying to take advantage of the time we have at home."

Saving Grace in Wake Forest says because of COVID-19 and people staying home. They have more people interested in fostering than puppies available.

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"Six months ago, we had a small number of foster homes and we would have to beg people to take the puppies," said Rachel Dubois, a volunteer. "We always had more puppies than we had foster homes and now it's exactly the other way around."

"That need is something that is always there," said Molly Goldston. "We always have an ongoing need for that and for volunteers."

Molly Goldston, the founder, says the biggest challenge right now is trying to care for all the animals with less volunteers

"This has been a whole new challenge for us," said Goldston. "We usually work in disaster a lot so we are kind of used to that end of stuff but not really what we've been dealing with recently as far as having less volunteers."

Saving Grace has also had to cancel its spring fundraisers which usually bring in between $30,00 to $40,000 for medical care

"We always have great people that are supporting us, " said Goldston. "Getting the word out and asking for that has been challenging right now because we haven't had that much time to sit down and really put our needs out like we usually do because we are so involved in doing the animal care but our community is really great to us as far as helping us out with what we need."

DuBois saw a need for dog food and posted on Facebook asking for help within days the community rallied together to donate over 100 pounds of puppy kibbel and six cases of canned dog food.

"I think dogs and animals are always a touchstone for people, that just we can show our generosity to them and for them in an easy way," she said. "It feels very rewarding."

Right now saving Grace's greatest need is canned dog food.
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