Saving Grace pet of the week: Ginger

Ginger: American Staffordshire terrier

1-2 years old

Just like a big tall glass of her namesake when the kids have an upset stomach or you need a little bit of comforting, Ginger is a cure for what ails you, don't matter what it is, in a big snuggly warm, cuddly Pittie package. Ginger is an American Staffordshire terrier that would likely be called a redhead if she were a person. She has a stunning reddish brindle coat and a sweet face that just wants to be smushed and smooched on a daily basis.

Ginger is about a year or two old and weighs around 50 lbs. She wants nothing more than to be with people and would be about the best foot warmer and space heater you could find this winter and everyone moving forward, like most of her breed, she is not interested in personal space and would love to be as close as possible for snuggle time, or just about any time. She is young and active and would love regular walks.

With a goal of making you happy, she already knows "sit" and would easily learn whatever you wanted to teach and would prove a quick study who thoroughly enjoys treats and reinforcement. Ginger enjoys simple things, like a good chew, a good snooze, and a good snuggle. She has the cutest snore and can be hilariously stubborn, but more than anything, she is just a loving, low-maintenance pup. Ginger has made a number of doggie friends at the farm, but would be just fine being a solo dog as she likes to be in charge of the doggie pack and in all honesty, is so wonderful in and of herself it is hard to imagine sharing adoration with anyone else. Don't just take our word for it, this pittie package is just perfectly precious and you must come to meet her ASAP.


ADOPTED!! Snowy: Australian Shepard

Approx. 5 years old

Dreaming about cool nights and the quiet peaceful sounds after a snowfall? Keep dreaming and imagine that you have the perfect foot warmer at your feet snoozing away with a perfect, adorable snore. Go ahead and put your dreams in motion, by coming out to Saving Grace and meeting Snowy. Like the feeling as the first flakes start to fall, Snowy is the epitome of love at first sight with her charismatic and energetic personality. Snowy has some special needs as her hearing and vision are both limited, but that doesn't stop her from being active and happy! She learned her Saving Grace routine quickly and once she gets to know a new area, she gets along just fine. A few minutes getting to your home and yard will be all she needs to live out a full and happy life with her favorite peeps. At around 5 years old and 60 lbs, she's left the puppy stuff behind but does enjoy frolics with her playmates, long walks, and a chance to stay close to a volunteer for encouragement or an ear scratch. Snowy is quiet, patient and anything she is not she'll make up for with hugs and true love.

Chloe Labrador Retriever/Feist

Female Adult spayed

Joggers, runners, and adventurers of all types, we have THE dog for you as she will be the ultimate companion for whatever ultimate plans you have at the beach, in the mountains, and on the trail. She is your go-to gal! Chloe is a lab mix who is perfectly compact and athletic in size. At about a year or so old, Chloe weighs around 35 lbs of lean muscle. She has a mind as sharp as a tack and knows her basic commands, to go potty outside, and rest quietly in her crate after she's been exercised. Chloe is waiting for her perfect peeps with whom to share life and all that it brings. Chloe is very energetic and athletic and will be happiest when given an outlet for those drives. She loves to chase squirrels through the field and adores having equally energized, fun-loving friends with whom to play. Ever told your spouse that you wish you had a dog to tire crazy Buster out? Well, meet Chloe, Buster's new best friend! This gal will do well in any pursuit wherein she can use her mind, get food, and spend time with you. She would do best with older children as her energy could be overwhelming for teeny people. A fenced yard and lots of time to go and do are right up her alley. Chloe promises to be a wonderful companion!
ADOPTED!!!! Diego is a Labrador retriever/mixed (short coat)

Large Adult Male Neutered
We have a real heartthrob on our hands with our sweet boy, Diego! He is a young, mid-sized boy built for it all. His cuddles are truly top-notch but grab a leash or ball and he's ready for some fun! In addition to mastering crate training, Diego has superb leash skills and enjoys going on long walks. While the family who picks Diego is going to be a lucky one, they will need to be prepared that he does have some allergies that will require him to be on a special diet. His allergies, while perfectly manageable, will likely be something his family will need to monitor, but he promises to thank you for the touch of extra care with loads of extra kisses.

A hosts remarks on Diego:
"Diego was a perfect dog! He is so calm and so well behaved. Diego was not crazy about getting into cars but once he was in the car he seemed to do okay. I would highly suggest keeping toys around because he likes to keep himself busy by chewing, if he has a toy he will go for that first otherwise anything is game ( RIP remote and hairbrush). Diego is great on a leash and enjoyed long walks but didn't seem to require them. Over a two week period I think Diego may have barked once. Diego does great in a crate and occasionally will go there for his mid day nap. He loves seeing other Dogs out and about and is very friendly. The best part of Diego is he is a total cuddle bug, he loves to follow your every step and cuddle up next to you wherever you may land. We took Diego out to a few breweries where he was very popular, everyone was so attracted to his obvious sweet and calm demeanor. Diego loves to be loved on by just about anyone which makes you want to just love on him more. Diego would be a great dog for a first time dog owner or anyone who wants a super easy sweet dog! "