Cheap airfare 'deals' costing some travelers hundreds of dollars

Trying to find a last minute deal on a flight is costing some travelers hundreds of dollars.

The Better Business Bureau is tracking several reports of fake travel sites that look very legit.

The sites offer cheap flights to several popular destinations. Consumers use a credit card to make the reservation, then get a phone call asking them to verify their name, address, banking information or other personal details.

Travel warning: Impostor airline, hotel booking sites scam travelers

Once the payment is made they get a real airline confirmation code, but after a day or two the reservation is canceled and the scammers have everything they need to steal your identity or make other purchases.

Here is how you can avoid being a victim:

  • Do your research. If you come across a company you've never heard of look for reviews and feedback from other customers.
  • Trust your gut. If someone is pressuring you to give up personal details that is usually a red flag. If something doesn't feel right, end the call immediately.
  • Pause before paying. Pay attention to the payment method you're asked to use. If a company wants a pre-paid debit card or to wire money it's likely a scam.

If you use those methods there is no way to get your money back.
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