North Carolina commission votes to require all school resource officers to complete training

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Friday, May 18, 2018
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School safety is top of mind for NC officials.

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- North Carolina's Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission voted Friday to require all School Resource Officers to complete training authored by the North Carolina Justice Academy.

This decision was made after Attorney General Josh Stein asked the Commission to consider mandatory training.

"School Resource Officers do important, challenging work," said Attorney General Josh Stein. "They keep our kids safe at school, while also helping young people learn life lessons and stay out of trouble. A tough, complicated job like that demands specific, in-depth training. I applaud the Commission for making the right choice today by mandating training for SROs."

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The news comes as Gov. Roy Cooper is requesting $130 million to improve school safety.

Half of that money would go toward physical school improvements such as door locks, system upgrades, and newer technology.

The governor wants to hire more school resource officers, mental health counselors and to create a digital school risk management team.

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Stein said it's a pressing matter to make these investments.

"Anyone who has their kid in school, the greatest fear you could possibly have is that something terrible happens to them," Stein said. "So I think what we have to do is set aside party, and focus on what's right for our children, and what's right for our country. And that means taking aggressive steps forward."

Local school districts are also trying to combat the problem.

In Wake County, school board members are asking for $5 million to hire extra counselors, social workers, and psychologists.

That proposal has not yet been approved.