How area districts are working to keep your kid safe

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Several school districts in the area have added or are upgrading security measures to ensure students are safe while on campus.

Here's a breakdown of what students can expect.

Cumberland County

  • Accelerated security upgrades plans follow the shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school
  • The district will have completed security upgrades to all 52 elementary schools before the start of the school year
  • Plan to complete security upgrades to 18 middle schools/17 high schools during the school year
  • Upgrades include: buzzers, cameras, controlled access to the building, and fencing for open-air campuses

Durham County

  • Will continue spending of 2016 bond
  • Cameras are being upgraded
  • Physical security being added, including vestibules

Johnston County

  • The district will utilize 12 more security resources officers
  • Contractors working on campus must have ID badges at all times
  • Cameras are being added
  • Staff must use fobs to enter buildings

Wake County

  • Secured entrances will continue to be used, as well as cameras and critical incident response kits

  • More about security protocols at WCPSS can be found online