Wake Forest parents in fear after man accused of threatening to shoot schoolchildren

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Monday, October 8, 2018
Parents terrified after alleged threats against schoolchildren
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Arthur Vladimir Kochetkov is facing charges of communication threats.

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- Wake Forest families are living in fear and weighing their options after they say a man threatened their children at a place they're supposed to feel safe: their school.

Arthur Kochetkov, 33, is accused of communicating threats on Facebook against Jones Dairy Elementary School.

"It's terrifying," said parent Camara Jackson.

Her husband, Anthony, told ABC11, "He knows what he's doing."

Kochetkov lives with his mother, and the property butts up against Jones Dairy.

In the Facebook post, he allegedly boasts about how close he can get to the school.

"There's a nice little patch of wood behind the elementary school," Jackson said, reading the social media message. "There is a picture of a weapon and the message read "I am literally slaughtering every single one of those (explicit) I come across."

Jackson looked concerned.

"This gentleman can literally shoot from his back window to a child on the playground," Jackson said.

"I'm scared to death. I called the FBI," said parent Sheanna Hartley.

Some parents are considering moving their children out of the school and others are looking into putting their houses up for sale.

Wake Forest police said they did search Kochetkov's home and didn't find any firearms.

He has some other charges on his record. In July, he was arrested for trespassing on the school's property.

Parents were so upset then, the PTA raised $10,000 to build a fence where the two properties meet.

There is extra security now at the school.

The district said there's an armed off-duty officer, contracted security staff, and several members of WCPSS's security team.

Principal Rob Bendel said in a message sent to parents that the situation is the top priority for the school district.

"Under the present conditions, we are confident our school building is a safe place for all staff and students," said Bendel. "To maintain that level of security, we will continue to suspend the use of our playground facilities."

Parents still worry the signs are there for another mass-casualty school shooting.

"They can't really do anything long term to contain this man until he actually hurts someone," said Anthony Jackson.

"This isn't just a Jones Dairy parent issue. This isn't just a Wake Forest issue. This is a national issue, we all need to have an opinion on it," said Hartley.

Kochetkov's defense attorney would not comment on the charges.

Kochetkov remains behind bars. Conditions of his release were updated in court Friday to include the following:

  • $100,000 Secured Bond ($200,000 total with other charges);
  • Prohibited from leaving North Carolina;
  • Prohibited from being on public or private educational property;
  • Prohibited from being within one mile of Jones Dairy Elementary School;
  • Prohibited from using social media;
  • Electronic monitoring upon release (if available); and
  • Prohibited from possessing firearms or replicas thereof (Airsoft, BB, etc.)

Kochetkov's next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 10.