BASF Brings Science to Life for Eighth-Grade Students

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In honor of the company's annual Day of Service event, more than 80 employees from BASF conducted hands-on science experiments with students from East Wake Middle School.

BASF employees worked side by side with eighth-grade students from East Wake Middle School in Raleigh to provide real-world STEM educational experiences during the event. Students and volunteers conducted hands-on experiments to determine the effect of soil pH on the solubility of minerals and to learn the importance of filtering contaminants from water. In addition, students gathered in small groups during mentorship sessions to ask STEM-related questions and discuss career opportunities with BASF chemists, biologists and executives.

In addition, BASF donated $2,000 to help the school establish an AgriScience program. The funds will be used to purchase items for the program, including renewable energy wind power kits and egg incubators.

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