Fayetteville teacher back from NASA Space Camp adventure

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- A teacher from Cape Fear High School is back in Fayetteville and ready to teach her students everything she learned at Space Camp.

Biology teacher Sylvia Beckham spent a week at Space Camp for Educators at the NASA training facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

"You do a space mission, they set up different missions and you actually get to play the part," Beckham explained. "There is a scripted role. I don't know if I've said 'Roger,' and 'Check," so much in my life."

She and her international crew of educators trained like real astronauts. They even learned what micro-gravity feels like. The idea, Beckham said, is to fire up educators to get their students interested in doing great things.

"You want to talk about 21st century learners, getting kids globally prepared. That's what Space Camp does, it lights a fire," Beckham said. "And they say, 'you are here for a purpose, go out and dare [students] to do mighty things.'"

Beckham called it an opportunity of a lifetime. The experience was a dream come true that she plans to share with her students.

"This generation has a lot to offer, we just have to get them in the right direction."

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