Panthers new GM looking for 'competitive advantage'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Scott Fitterer looked more than a little nervous Friday. Understandable given that he just took the biggest job of his career.

"We're going to look for every competitive advantage we can find, you know, whatever it is, we're going to take the information and make the most informed decision," Fitterer said.

Head Coach Matt Rhule was in on the interview process and is hoping for a collaborative and occasionally combative dynamic.

"I want someone that I can argue with," Rhule said. "I want someone that I could disagree with. I want someone that's going to come into me and say 'why aren't we playing so and so?' To make this work you've got to have real conversations."

Fitterer is bringing nearly 20 years of Seahawks ethos with him to Charlotte. One of his core beliefs: Never stop hunting for players.

"We will be on in on every deal, we're going to find out where things are going, what the landscape is in the NFL," Fitterer said. "But before we do anything outside, I need to figure out who's here; I need to figure out this roster."

Rhule is thankful he doesn't have to deal with the dollars and cents issues that a GM does.

"I'm a coach, and I thought I would know this better. It's not Madden (the popular video game) right? You don't get to just get all players with 98 (ratings), you have to pay for the roster the way you want it so it's all about finances to me," Rhule said.

The biggest problem to be solved, of course, is the quarterback situation. Fitterer would not get into specifics about players but did lay out what he wants from that position.

"Someone that can lift the players around them. Someone that gives you an opportunity to win when the game's on the line in the fourth quarter, someone who just has a leadership qualities that when they walk in the building, they know that's the person in charge," Fitterer said.

For owner David Tepper, the front office remake is complete. It's entirely his team now for better or worse.

"It's just a higher level, you know, these are the guys that I chose," Tepper said. "So there's no place to hide. I never hide anyways but for sure there's no place now."
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