Troubleshooter helps Durham renter get her security deposit back

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- "Where's my money?" That's what Jelecia Moore was asking after she moved out of her Durham apartment.

Moore spent two years living at the Triangle Place Apartments. Her lease was up at the end of February, and she moved out.

She says she did a walk through with a representative at the complex.

"She told me I was getting my full deposit back, " said Moore.

A month later, she didn't get a check.

"They sent me a $147.00 bill that I owed them for living past the end date, and I was like 'why am I getting a bill? I should be getting a deposit.'"

Moore says the bill was over an error on her move out date.

She says that was corrected, but two months later she still didn't have her security deposit.

"They completely stopped answering my emails, completely stopped answering my calls. When I would go by there, she would tell me they are working on it, but month after month went by," said Moore.
Moore got in touch with me, and I reached out to representatives at the complex who didn't get back to me but gave Moore a check for the $562 she was owed for her security deposit.

"It took me so much to get it; I took it straight to the bank," Moore added.

The Troubleshooter takeaway is when you move out of your rental, even if the landlord says you don't need to, do a walk through with them and document any problems.

If there are none, get in writing that you will be getting your full deposit back.

In North Carolina, your landlord has thirty days to give you back your deposit.
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