How you can help with the surge of older dogs at shelters during the holidays

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Animal shelters get hounded for requests to adopt puppies and younger dogs, but what about older dogs?

There's been a surge in older dogs coming into some shelters. If you're interested in getting a new furry friend, consider a senior dog. They typically have to wait longer in shelters before finding their forever homes.

"We do get more animals in around the holidays, that is true," Shafonda Davis with the Animal Protection Society of Durham said as she flipped through a stack of papers.

In particular, senior dogs take up residence. It's the older dogs that typically have a longer stay in shelters before being adopted.

Some of the senior dogs wander in as strays, with their owners believing the myth that it was their time to die. Davis says that isn't true and should not be believed. "The myth is incorrect. Older animals do get confused like older people. They would rather be home with you."

Other senior dogs find themselves in the shelter during a busy holiday season, occasionally with their owner returning to get them back after rethinking their decision to surrender.

More so, senior dogs are brought to the shelter facing the same woes of their owners: eviction and lack of affordable housing.

If you're worried about your senior dog during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, consider spacing out a quiet place for your pet and keep them off-limits to guests.

If you would like to help senior dogs at your local shelter, consider:
  • volunteering
  • fostering
  • donating
  • adopting
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