Subway stop reopens at World Trade Center for first time since 9/11

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Saturday, September 8, 2018
Subway stop to re-open at World Trade Center for first time since 9/11
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Josh Einiger has more from Lower Manhattan.

LOWER MANHATTAN, Manhattan -- For the first time since the September 11th terror attacks 17 years ago, a 1 train pulled into a previously destroyed subway station at the World Trade Center.

The new World Trade Center Cortlandt station is now complete. It is fully accessible and has digital, state of the art real-time train schedules.

Eyewitness News talked to residents who live in the area to see what they thought about the restoration of the long-closed 1 train stop.

For Young Hee, it is great news, but just a few days away from another anniversary, for her, it is anything but a subway station.

"The light just changed, I said 'I'm just gonna enjoy this beautiful sunlight,' and I just looked up and closed my eyes and it just went 'boom!'" Hee says.

On that beautiful morning, Hee was on the way to that station, and as she looked up, she saw everything.

On Friday, MTA contractors were pulling their equipment out of the station, after 17 years of shuttling commuters to South Ferry instead of Cortlandt Street -- after 17 years and $158 million, another milestone.

There will be celebrations and cheers of progress -- and not least from Hee and her husband. They have lived through the shock and recovery, but they have come to the other side. They said they would take that train on Saturday.