Thieves with stroller allegedly steal shark from San Antonio aquarium

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Thieves with stroller allegedly steal shark from aquarium
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Three suspects are wanted in a bizarre shark heist in San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Three people pulled off a bizarre heist involving a stolen shark from the San Antonio Aquarium, police say.

Surveillance video shows the three suspects as they stake out a tide pool exhibit for more than an hour on Saturday.

The trio are accused of stealing a 16-inch-long Horn shark after pouring a bucket of bleach into the aquarium's cold water exhibit filtration system.

SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Bizarre shark heist in San Antonio

All of this appears to happen with at least two aquarium employees nearby.

Police said the suspects used a baby stroller to then sneak the shark out. They got away in a pickup truck, which was recovered Monday evening.

The aquarium said employees who thought something was happening followed the suspects to their vehicle, but they did not allow them to search either the car or the stroller.

The snatched shark has been recovered and returned to a petting tank.

Investigators in the San Antonio suburb of Leon Valley said one person in custody was charged Monday night.

Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said two others are expected to be charged. No names have been released.