VIDEO: 'More than 100 sharks' captured in ferocious feeding frenzy

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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Leaders of a church witnessed more than 100 sharks in the middle of a feast very close to shore at North Carolina's Outer Banks.
Photo/YouTube, Brian Recker

What would you do if you saw this many sharks this close to shore?

Leaders of a church witnessed dozens of sharks in the middle a feeding frenzy and posted a video of it online. As the more than 100 sharks were feeding on bluefish for at least five minutes, they said, pelicans and seagulls joined in.

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The video was shot by Donnie Griggs, who was at the Cape Lookout National Seashore in North Carolina on a retreat with One Harbor Church. The video, though awe-inspiring, was not intended to scare potential swimmers, said the group.

"We want it to be clear that Cape Lookout and the surrounding beaches of Eastern North Carolina are extremely safe for swimming," the church leaders said in a statement. "The presence of these sharks and large schools of fish is actually a sign of a very healthy ecosystem."