Woman shot in front of toddler daughter dies in 14-year-old son's arms

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
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DETROIT, Michigan -- A Detroit woman, who was gunned down in her home on Father's Day, died in her 14-year-old son's arms, her family said.

Latrese Morris Dorsey, 42, was shot and killed on Sunday in front of her 4-year-old daughter, WSOC reported. Dorsey's sister, Megan Morris, said that the little girl was able to tell police what happened.

"She was old enough to tell everyone, 'My mom is dead. He killed my mom. My mom is shot,'" Morris said.

WXYZ in Detroit reported that Dorsey's teenage son was playing video games in his bedroom when the shooting occurred. Relatives told the news station that the boy did not realize the noises he heard were gunshots until his little sister ran to him for help.

He ran to the living room, where he found his mother dying.

"She took her last breaths in my nephew's arms," Morris told Fox 2.

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Dorsey's ex-boyfriend, Earl Maxwell, was named a "person of interest" in the shooting and was taken into custody on Tuesday.

Morris told Fox 2 that her sister had moved on from the relationship, but that Maxwell, 38, couldn't let go.

Relatives told WXYZ that Maxwell threatened Dorsey just days before she was killed, saying that he if he couldn't get in touch with her, he would shoot her in the head.