Converting 2 accounts into 1 proves difficult for Verizon customers

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- Many cell phone companies offer the option to combine two accounts - a remedy that should be simple. However, one Fort Bragg couple says they were left with nothing but headaches and extra charges.

Ryan Diehl and his girlfriend Ashley Alger says they called Verizon and paid more than $300 to buyout Alger's remaining contract in order for her to be added to Diehl's account.

"We just wanted to have one bill with Verizon rather than me paying a bill and her paying a bill, so streamlining our accounts into one account," Diehl said.

He said Verizon told them it would take 48 hours for the accounts to be streamlined once the payment was processed.

But after 48 hours, their accounts weren't combined so they called back and were told it would take longer.

But days turned into weeks and they still had separate accounts.

"It's now going to take you until the next billing cycle for your accounts to be joined to the system. Now it's going to take 60-90 days," Diehl said.

Two months and the couple said they still hadn't seen the change they paid for.

"We literally felt backed into a corner, like what do we do from here and that's why we had to contact somebody," Alger said.

So they reached out to ABC 11 and we got in touch with Verizon. Soon afterwards, the couple had gotten some good news.

Their accounts were finally joined.

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