Art takes a pizza the sidewalk in downtown Raleigh

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- It's pizza time in downtown Raleigh. The first of 16 sidewalk paintings is in place at the corner of Peace and Salisbury streets and it looks like a big slice of pepperoni pizza.

The City of Raleigh calls them "sidewalk interventions" and they will be appearing at the rate of one or two a month through August of 2019.

"The artworks are intended to provide a touch of color and whimsy for pedestrians as they traverse the sidewalks," says City of Raleigh Public Art Director Kelly McChesney. "Some pieces will be as small as 6x8" while others may be larger, so passersby should keep a close eye out for art appearing in the 110-block municipal services district."

The artists selected for the project are Raquel Assanoua, Karen Coachman, Nicole Drake, Sean Durham, Britt Flood, Chika Gujarathi, Jai Martin, Laura Myers, Megan O'Connor, Beth Palmer, Leah Preiss, Robert Quinn, Helen Seebold, Buffy Taylor, Martha Thorn, and Graymon Ward.

The City of Raleigh Department of Transportation and Raleigh Arts Office are partnering with Artspace and the Downtown Raleigh Alliance for the project.
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