Signs of tolerance are popping up across the Triangle

DURHAM (WTVD) -- It started with a sign outside "Clyde Cooper's BBQ in downtown Raleigh, and more and more of them seem to popping up across the Triangle.

The signs are meant to send a message of tolerance, and to ask people to stop profiling Muslims.

One such sign is at the SpeeDeeQue printing store here in downtown Durham.

ABC11 also spotted some socially conscious signs at Beyu Caffe in downtown Durham, and some similar signs at Cocoa Cinnamon welcoming refugees.

The group Jewish Voices for Peace has printed dozens of these signs. So you could see more of them around town. It seems like businesses are getting on board.

"I agree with the message. It is definitely to profile people," said Anthony Wilborn of SpeeDeeQue. "My barber is a Muslim. I know plenty of Muslims they are all fine people that I have met. There's crazies in every bunch."

Wilborn's message? Basically, that you shouldn't judge a person only at face value.

So far, his sign has been up for about a week.

Wilborn said he has not received any negative feedback.

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