Sir Walter Coffee in Raleigh serving up charcoal-infused drinks

ByRobert Kinlaw WTVD logo
Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Raleigh cafe serving up charcoal-infused drinks
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Raleigh cafe serving up charcoal-infused drinks

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- The recently-opened Sir Walter Coffee in downtown Raleigh is serving drinks containing activated charcoal.

The coffee bar offers both a charcoal latte and charcoal lemonade. Frances Myers, training director, created the recipes and said recent studies suggest charcoal has health benefits.

"It's detoxifying, helps whiten your teeth, helps lower cholesterol, it's also good for your hair and skin," Myers said.

She also said the charcoal is a natural stimulant. As a result, the bar chose not to include any coffee in its charcoal latte. The drink simply contains milk, water, vanilla, honey, and activated charcoal.

A charcoal-infused lemonade from Sir Walter Coffee.

Myers also said the drinks contain no more than one teaspoon of charcoal.

"Too much of anything isn't good for you," she said.

She said some studies have shown charcoal to weaken the effects of medications, a warning every customer is given when they order a charcoal beverage. Customers are also encouraged to sip water while drinking it to stay hydrated.

Myers said that the drinks have been a hit with customers and the coffee bar hopes to expand its charcoal drink choices in the future.