NC school board proposes ban on 'skinny jeans'

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The New Hanover County School Board is facing backlash after proposing a ban on skinny jeans.

The school district took to social media to ask students point-blank what they thought of the idea...and the students were less than thrilled.

WGHP reports the school district's dress code, known as #Policy8520, proposes a restriction on "leggings, 'skinny jeans' or other excessively tight-fitting pants unless covered by a top or dress to the appropriate length," that length being one that "cover[s] the posterior area in its entirety."

The proposal doesn't ban tight pants completely. Rather, if a student chooses to wear tight pants, they need to be definitively covered.

Schools spokesman Valita Quattlebaum told CNN the proposal was born of faculty suggestions.

"We got some input from some of our principals asking for some support," she said. "And the board decided to explore a policy that would help them."

A school spokesperson said the proposal is aimed to stop disruption in the classroom. Some parents and students find the rule to be especially exclusionary for young women, as 'skinny jeans' are a predominately female trend.

The policy will go back to a committee, along with some of the input the school board received online.

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