Downtown Fayetteville shops prepare for Small Business Saturday

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Small Business Saturday, a nationally recognized day, will hit its 10th year this weekend.

The days aims to highlight the importance of shopping locally and the impact it can have on a community.

Molly Arnold, the owner of Rude Awakening Coffee House, said the yearly reminder is important, especially for an area that's seen so much growth over the years.

"It has been rewarding on so many levels to be part of a growing downtown community that brings so much to our city," Arnold said.

Arnold purchased two properties in the downtown area, including the coffee shop, back in the 90's.

Because of the introduction of Cross Creek Mall, Arnold said Hay Street was essentially a ghost town; this made her decision to invest in downtown a huge risk.

"Great businesses that have come and gone; perhaps, a little ahead of their time," Arnold added.

Right across the street, Winterbloom Tea has been operating for three years now, recently obtaining an alcohol license.

"As a city, a lot of people are wanting to shop small, and that's happening more on a regular basis," Winterbloom Tea owner Joshua Choi said.

Meanwhile, Turner Lanes is sitting on its 10th year, offering locals a wide range of hand-crafted items and gifts.

Fatimah Evelyn just recently started working at the gift shop. She said the growth has been evident.

"For every dollar that you spend, 67 cents is going back into the community, you know, local shops," Evelyn said.

However, several businesses say the addition of the baseball stadium has thrown a wrench into their wallets this year, citing the parking situation as a roadblock.

"Challenges are a part of growth and having new neighbors is always the most wonderful thing," Arnold said.

They hope the 10th Annual Small Business Saturday is a reminder to look locally the other 364 days as well.

"There are beautiful locations, beautiful shops, beautiful places to hang out down here," Choi said.
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