Snoopy's rolls back hot dog prices for 40th anniversary

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Monday, September 10, 2018
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Snoopy's rolls back hot dog prices for 40th anniversary

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The crew at Snoopy's on Hillsborough Street is keeping those popular hotdogs moving from prep table to counter like a well-oiled machine.

That efficiency should come in handy, as Snoopy's marks its 40th anniversary with a week-long, half-price hot dog special.

The iconic Raleigh restaurant will mark the milestone next week at all five of its locations including the ones on Wake Forest Road and Hillsborough Street.

The special will last from Sept. 9-15.

Word spread quickly among fans like Ben Partin, one of the first customers on Sunday morning.

"Good hot dogs," Partin said with a smile when asked why he and a coworker stopped there first thing in the morning. "They were good, as always!"

The half-price special is usually offered early in the week for just one day.

"Tuesday is very busy," said Snoopy's crew member Christa McNight. "They're gonna make it all week! Same customers, they love it! They've been coming already."

In other words, if you're hungry, you can now get two dogs for the price of one. If you also go for the fries, you'll still get some change back from a $10 bill.

Snoopy's is ready for a rush of hot dog fans.

"They love the hot dogs so yeah, we're expecting a lot," said Shonda Parker of Snoopy's.

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