Calls that threaten arrest within 48 hours are a scam

It's a threatening call and the caller claims you will be arrested within 48 hours.

Several Triangle residents say they are getting caught off guard with this call, and no matter how many warnings that these calls are a scam, people continue to fall for them and lose money.

One ABC11 viewer shared with us this voicemail she just got. The caller states, "We found suspicious activities. If you want to know more about the case, call us. If you don't call back, you will be arrested in the next 48 hours."

While they threaten to arrest, do not take any action. These are all scammers trying to get money. Besides threatening arrest, viewers continue to report getting calls from someone appearing to be with the Social Security Administration, the IRS and also the local sheriff's department.

The key to remember is that none of these agencies will call threatening arrest or demanding payment right away. If you get one of these calls, ignore it and don't take any action.
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