More than 100 ABC11 viewers give help, hope to Wake Forest unemployed woman in need of food

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- Help and hope are what Michelle Hudson says she got from ABC11 viewers after reaching out to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson about her frustrations with the unemployment system in North Carolina.

'I'm desperately in need of help:' Some in North Carolina still haven't been able to get unemployment benefits

"Last week, I just didn't have any hope at all. I was like I don't know what I'm going to do I'm going to be homeless with my dog, but now the weight has been lifted," Hudson said. "I feel a lot better. I'm still working on the unemployment, everything else seems to be falling in place, and I have interviews set up for next week."

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The heartbreak for the unemployed continues in the Triangle as many have gone weeks without a paycheck and still can't get their unemployment benefits.

What's the status of your benefits? Here's the latest from the NC unemployment office

ABC11 first introduced you to Hudson last week when she expressed how frustrated she was with still having a pending case in the NC unemployment office since she first filed for benefits on March 15th.
In a video message, the Wake Forest resident said, "I went from temporarily being unemployed to being permanently unemployed. I've tried over the last three and a half weeks; I called 176 times to reach a person. I've sent 27 emails, and no one has responded. I'm desperately in need of help. I ran out of money, I have no food, and I'm currently alone. If there is anything you can help me with, please reach out to me."


After Hudson shared her story, ABC11 viewers reached out right away.

"There were bags of groceries on my front porch, I was shocked," Hudson shared.

Besides her neighbors donating several bags of groceries to her, she also heard from several ABC11 viewers.

One email stated, "I was moved to tears to hear of your struggles. How can I help? I can drop off food, gift cards." Another viewer said in an email, "If you don't have any food, my family cooks every night, and we'll bring you some groceries."

Hudson said she had offers of help from people all over the Triangle.

"One sent a gift card, another sent a gas card, another person said I want to pay your rent, and I said 'I can't let you do that,'" she added. So far, Hudson said she's received more than one hundred emails from total strangers offering to help, and the emails continue to come in daily.

"It's just wonderful. People always said we are in this together, and I thought then why do I feel so alone, and now I don't feel quite alone anymore," she said.

Hudson is thankful for all of the help and says she is still trying to respond to everyone who reached out to help. She adds she is good for now and encourages people to continue to give hope to others like they have given hope to her during this difficult time.

When it comes to her unemployment claim with the state, Hudson said for the first time today; she was able to reach someone on the phone.

She said they told her that her case is still pending because they were waiting for her employer to respond. Hudson said her employer told her they already responded.

Hudson will continue to wait, but it's easier to wait now that she has food thanks to so many ABC11 viewers helping her.
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