ABC11's Tim Pulliam, visits his former high school and teachers

ROXBORO, North Carolina (WTVD) -- This week, ABC11's Tim Pulliam returned to his hometown of Roxboro, North Carolina, to reunite with teachers from his high school. In 2001, Pulliam graduated from Person High School, home to the mighty Rockets.

Pulliam met with his sophomore algebra teacher, Darkarai Bryant. Back then, Bryant was a new teacher at the school district. Now, Bryant is a school administrator at another school in town (Roxboro Community School).

"I looked up to Mr. Bryant," Pulliam said. "He was the first black male teacher I ever had.

And his sense of style was always on point," Pulliam added.

Pulliam said the experience was eye opening and inspiring.

"It was good for the younger me to see a 'grown up' version of what I could be," he said.

Bryant described what Pulliam was like as a student.

"You know I wish I had some stories of shenanigans. He was straight-laced. He was a great student to have in class because he was a model for other students," Bryant said. "I appreciated having him in class. I wish I had some stories. I don't have any dirt."

No mischief. No dirt to share. Pulliam said he was very focused in school, so much that his classmates voted him the class superlative "most likely to be president."

By senior year, Pulliam was student-body vice president. And was voted Senior of the Year by teachers and students.

He held elected positions for DECA and FCCLA, which are student-led organizations that train students to be leaders in their future careers.

During Pulliam's return to Person High, he met with his club advisors, Loudell Medford and Wanda Raymer. Both teachers are now enjoying retirement.

"These ladies and those clubs helped me develop the confidence viewers see each night when I appear on ABC11," Pulliam said.

Medford, who retired from Person County Schools just a couple of days before the interview, said, "As a teacher, the greatest joy that we get is to be able to help bring our students along and help them realize their dreams."

Raymer added: "Because of the training FCCLA gave Timmie to build your speaking skills and forcing you to be in front of people and forcing you to talk - he is what he is because of that.

"His career took him away for a while, but he found his way back," Raymer added. "And I'm glad."

Person County Schools begins its 2017-18 school year on Wednesday.

Editor's note: Tim Pulliam is now an award-winning TV reporter who has covered breaking news, politics, tropical storms and crime throughout the southeastern United States. Tim is a native of Person County. Check out his full bio here.
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